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West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization

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West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization Program

Map of 45-Block Revitalization Area
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The West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization Program is an effort to revitalize depressed areas in and adjacent to the neighborhoods of Cherry View, Perkins Town, Biltmore, and Lincoln Park. There are 475 parcels included in this area, of which +/- 250 parcels may require some type of assistance.


With financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Greenville will address issues within the 45-block area over the next 8 to 10 years. Utilizing funding from the Community Development Block Grant Program, the City will initiate revitalization efforts in eight specific areas that make up the 45-Block Revitalization Area.


The West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization Program is an effort to revitalize depressed areas in and adjacent to the neighborhoods of Cherry View, Perkins Town, Biltmore, and Lincoln Park through the following:

  • Removal of blighted structures and undesirable land uses.
  • Retention (by current owners) and rehabilitation of owner–occupied homes.
  • Acquisition and assembly of land for suitable building sites.
  • Redevelopment of acquired properties for affordable owner-occupied and rental housing.
  • Improvements to public facilities and infrastructure.
  • Creation of a neighborhood commercial node with positive services for the community.
  • Development of relationships with the private sector to leverage public funds to assist with revitalization efforts.
  • Extensive code enforcement measures to ensure lasting changes.
  • Stimulation of homeownership to 50% of all residences (currently 80% of residential structures are rental) through downpayment/secondary mortgage assistance and creative financing tools.
  • Creation of parks, open space, and streetscape improvements.
  • Community involvement in the development of activities.
  • Collaboration with other service providers to create a services network for residents of the area.
  • Regular assessment for necessary re-adjustments to revitalization activities and programs.


All activities listed will not begin at the same time due to funding restraints. Currently we are in the second year of action for areas 1 and 2 of the 8-area plan. During the first year, which extended into the summer of 2004, activities such as owner occupied housing rehabilitation and acquisition/demolition of dilapidated properties were carried out. Other activities will begin within the 2nd year of the program and will follow recommendations from the Center City and West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization plan currently being developed.

Additional Information

Citizens with questions regarding the revitalization efforts should contact the City of Greenville, Community Development Department at 252.329.4481. Numerous neighborhood meetings have been held throughout the development of the program. As the program matures and efforts continue, additional meetings will be held. Notification of such meetings fheo50can be found on the City Page of the Daily Reflector, GTV, and through direct mailing to property owners and tenants in the affected areas. Citizen participation is invaluable and is vital to the success of any program.