• Revitalization

West Greenville 45-Block Revitalization Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will lighting be improved?
  • How will crime be addressed?
  • Will sidewalks be installed?
  • How can the city assist with trash concerns?
  • Will traffic concerns be addressed?
  • What activities will take place north of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive or along the proposed 10th Street corridor?
  • How much of the citizens input will be included in the program?
  • Once activities begin, how will homeowners be contacted?
  • How will the revitalized neighborhoods be maintained in the future to ensure they do not decline over time?
  • How will older adults be handled in situations in which they are unwilling to cooperate?
  • What will happen to vacant lots?
  • I have lived in West Greenville nearly all my life and am concerned that the City will tear down houses and replace them with new houses that will not fit in our neighborhood. What is the City doing to ensure that new construction will be compatible with our community?
  • I am a minority homebuilder and see West Greenville revitalization as an opportunity for me to build affordable housing or make repairs within the community. What process should I follow and are there any incentives for me?
  • How will businesses obtain financial assistance?
  • What types of businesses will be encouraged?
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