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Budget Ordinances & Amendments


The City prepares biennial budgets so that there is a biennial budget passed in even years along with a financial plan for the following year. This allows for more strategic thinking and budgeting from year to year. It also makes budget preparation easier for the second year of the biennial cycle budget.

Below are the budget books with the budget and financial plan for the current year and the last several years.

2016-17 Budget and 2017-18 Financial Plan

2014-15 Budget and 2015-16 Financial Plan

2012-13 Budget and 2013-14 Financial Plan

2010-11 Budget and 2011-12 Financial Plan

2008-09 Budget and 2009-10 Financial Plan

2006-07 Budget and 2007-08 Financial Plan

Below are folders containing the budget ordinances and amendments for the past several years.