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Municipal Bond Sales

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The City of Greenville issues General Obligation bonds to provide funds for the acquisition and construction of major capital facilities. General Obligation bonds are direct obligations and pledge full faith and credit of the City. These bonds require voters' approval.


The City's General Obligation bond ratings are "Aa2" and "AA" from national credit rating agencies Moody's and S&P, respectively. These ratings were affirmed by both firms in November of 2016.

Financing Type Moody’s Standard & Poor’s
General Obligation bonds Aa2 AA

Pending Issuance

The following general obligation bonds were be included on the bond referendum held in November of 2015. So far, $8,000,000 of these bonds were sold in December of 2016.

Project Title Date of Bond Referendum Amount
Street Improvements November 3, 2015 $10,000,000
West 5th Street Streetscape November 3, 2015 1,950,000
10th Street Connector Enhancement November 3, 2015 1,750,000
Sidewalks November 3, 2015 1,400,000
East Side Greenway November 3, 2015 750,000
Total $15,850,000