Resident Responsibilities and City Ordinances

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The City of Greenville has ordinances intended to protect the rights and privileges of all residents of Greenville. In neighborhoods made up of young adults, families, and senior citizens, the observance of these laws is key to creating harmony among residents. The Greenville Police Department and Code Enforcement Officers will frequently patrol and strictly enforce City ordinances. Individuals violating the laws regarding parking, alcohol consumption, disorderly conduct, noise, litter/trash, pets, and occupancy limitations, or who otherwise create a public nuisance, will be penalized.

The City has also teamed up with East Carolina University to provide off-campus information that will enhance the quality of life for them and their neighbors. Each year, the City distributes copies of the booklet, Take Heed: Your Guide to Living in a Pirate Community to help educate the student population about some of their responsibilities as citizens and City ordinances.


Violation of laws that address underage alcohol purchase, consumption, and sales will result in a criminal penalty. It is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to or purchase alcohol for anyone under 21. It is illegal to provide a fake ID to someone under 21 in order to purchase alcohol or gain admittance to a private club. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a permit. If you are going to have a party in which alcohol is served, YOU will be responsible for the actions and safety of your guests. It is illegal for any person to be intoxicated and disruptive in public.


The City of Greenville provides residential garbage and recyclable collection. If you live in an apartment complex, commercial dumpster service must be provided. It is illegal to throw or deposit upon any street or sidewalk, or upon any private property, any type of litter or household trash. Handbills or flyers that are posted on poles and trees are a form of organized litter. They can result in a minimum $50 fine issued by the City's Code Enforcement Division.


Greenville has a noise ordinance that applies to all areas of the city. It applies to the sound generated within an apartment or single property, as well as to amplified stereo sound in automobiles. It applies to indoor and outdoor sound. It also applies to animals that, by habitually howling, barking, or crying, disturb nearby residents. Anyone who wants to exceed the allowed decibel level must apply for a permit. The use of outdoor sound amplifying equipment requires a separate "Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit" issued by the Greenville Police Department. Violation of the City of Greenville Noise Ordinance will result in a $100 citation.


Vehicles parked on "controlled" residential streets are required to display an "A" sticker from the City of Greenville. Non-stickered cars may park for two hours maximum from 8 AM - 5 PM or receive a ticket. Ticketed or illegally parked cars are towed at the owner's expense, without warning. It is illegal to park in the front yard of a residence, on the sidewalk, or on the wrong side of the street (driver's door facing curb). It is illegal to park in vacant lots. The following infractions will result in a $50 citation from the Greenville Police: blocking a driveway, parking within 30 feet of an intersection, parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.


Greenville has a "leash law" that prohibits owners from letting their dogs run free at any time. Owners are required to keep dogs under control when walking and to have pets inoculated. It is wise to consider the responsibility in having a pet. Please understand the cost and care involved BEFORE you adopt an animal. Consider and plan appropriately what you will do with a pet if you cannot take it with you when you move.


As a tenant, you have certain rights and responsibilities. Every house and apartment in Greenville must meet the minimum housing code. The place where you live should be weather tight, watertight, and rodent proof. If you have concerns about the physical condition of your rented home, the Code Enforcement Division can help you. To see the City's property maintenance standards, click here.

As a Greenville resident, you are expected to help maintain the appearance of your neighborhood. The City of Greenville provides a variety of municipal services to all residents of Greenville. When you have a question or a concern, give us a call at 252.329.CITY (2489). We are here to serve you! You can even use the City's online reporting service, City Compass. It's available online or as an app on your iPhone or Android.


The City of Greenville regulates how many roommates you can have. There cannot be more than three (3) unrelated people living together as a single housekeeping unit, whether you live in a house, a duplex, an apartment, condominium, or mobile home. The following combinations of persons can live together as a household: one (1) individual living alone; up to three (3) unrelated individuals; two (2) or more individuals related by blood, adoption, or marriage (i.e., family); one (1) family and up to two (2) related individuals (i.e., room renting).

Temporary Signs

The City has laws regarding the size, placement, and number of temporary signs you may have.  Click here for the Guide to Temporary Signs.