The City of Greenville's official Parking website encompasses all parking-related services, including online citation payment, rules and enforcement, permits and contact information.

Residential Parking

Residents of a controlled residential parking area are eligible to receive one (1) residential parking decal for each vehicle operated by each resident.  Vehicles used for nonresidents, commuting, or for storage do not qualify for a parking permit.  For more information or to apply for a residential parking sticker, call (252) 329-4884.

The City of Greenville prohibits the parking of vehicles in the yard, otherwise referred to as "Parking on an Unimproved Surface."  You will be fined a nominal fee for parking your vehicle in an area that is not a designated driveway.  For more information, call (252) 329-4884.

  • Download and complete the residential parking application in its entirety. You will need to attach this to your online application.
  • Click the link,, to begin the application process.
  • Once you've completed and submitted your application, you will receive a notification when it has been approved.
  • Failure to obtain a residential permit in these prohibited areas will result in a $50 infraction.
  • Permit prices increase each year in July.

There are seven surface parking lots throughout the downtown area and one parking garage.

The City provides a couple of residential parking options to meet the unique needs of its downtown residents, allowing for the acquisition of reserved or unreserved parking spots.

Reserved Space Parking

  • Assigned designated space in close proximity to a downtown residence
  • One lease per downtown resident
  • Annual ($864) or 6-month ($432) lease terms
  • Click this link to begin the application process:
  • Price increases each year in July during the renewal period

Downtown Leased Parking

  • This parking lease applies to individuals surrounded by the boundaries of East 10th Street to Elm Street, First Street, and up to South Pitt Street.
  • No designated space will be assigned (may park in any City-owned or operated lot - excluding the Greene Street Lot, the Hodges Lot, the Courthouse Lot, and the Chico's Lot.
  • One lease per vehicle
  • 6-month ($432) lease terms (lease increase the first of July each year)
  • May park within the Fourth Street Parking Garage (additional fee of $25) with badge access
  • No leaseholder may park on the street with the exception of Reade Street
  • Click this link to begin the application process: Leased Parking Application

If you would like to find out more about obtaining a parking space, contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4884.

Parking garage

Employment Leasing

The City offers the use of surface lot spaces (excluding the parking garage) for employers and employees of the downtown area. These permit holders will utilize unreserved spaces while displaying a decal provided by the City.

Employers may purchase up to 10 permits, while employees may purchase one permit. Five plate numbers can be assigned to each employer permit, and decals will be provided to each employee.

The cost for a permit is $244 annually or $122 for six months. Permit prices increase each year in July. For more information about obtaining an employment parking permit, call (252) 329-4884.

Click this link to begin the application process:

Parking Fines

Parking fines are a method of ensuring authorized parking.  These fines are issued on the basis of the manner by which a vehicle is illegally parked.

The City of Greenville employs two full time and four part-time Parking Enforcement Officers to enforce the City's parking codes throughout the downtown and residential areas of Greenville's city limits.  These enforcement officers issue parking tickets and enforce parking regulations.

If your vehicle is towed, all fines and penalties must be paid to retrieve your vehicle.