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Police Reports

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The City of Greenville Police Department has created an on-line system whereby interested persons can obtain reports extracted from our public safety system.  These reports are provided as part of the City's commitment to provide timely and accurate information.

The City is required under North Carolina General Statute, to protect the release of certain types of personally identifiable information.  Whenever possible, the reports will identify what data has been redacted.  The following guidelines have been applied in our report generation:

  • Locked & Sealed cases and arrests will not be included in the reports.

  • Sex Offense data, which could allow for personal identification of a sex offense victim (adult or juvenile), has been suppressed.  Sex offenses are defined by the following crime codes: 11A-Forcible Rape, 11B-Sex Offense Sodomy, 11C-Sex Offense Assault, 11D-Sex Offense Forcible Fondling, 36A-Sex Offense Incest, 36B-Sex Offense Statutory Rape.  All of these sex offenses will be displayed on the reports using a statute description of Sex Offense rather than the more detailed description used in the Records System.  If a case is a sex offense, the address will be suppressed and the following message will be shown in its place: "Shielded by Law (NCGS 132-1.4)."

  • Juvenile names, address, etc. will be suppressed from the case, arrest and crash reports.  Juveniles are defined by the State of North Carolina as being less than 16 years of age. Age is determined by the person s date of birth and the date that the case occurred.  If no date of birth is entered, the person s jacket type is checked to make sure the person is not a juvenile.

  • Narratives are suppressed due to the free form content that cannot be programmatically verified to prevent the release of information protected by the Federal Privacy Act and may contain investigatory information protected by North Carolina Statute.

  • Suicide and House Check information will be suppressed from the Call for Service reports.

  • Suicide and Child Abuse information will be suppressed from the Case reports.

  • Crash Reports: Information in these reports are derived from the NC DMV-349 completed by the Greenville Police Department and is public record pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132-1.4 with protected information redacted (removed) it is not a certified copy. A paper copy of these reports can be printed at no cost for those listed on the report and for those not listed there is a fee of $5.00 at the Greenville Police Department's Records Section Monday through Friday between 9:00AM and 4:30PM. The Crash Report site provides a method to print the copy of what is provided or to save it electronically in a PDF format. If you require a certified copy of an NC DMV-349, these are not available through the Greenville Police Department and you must obtain it through the North Carolina Department of Transportation site linked here under the heading “Crash Report Form” and follow the instructions provided there.

  • Drug Arrest Report Disclaimer: Information in this publication is derived from Arrest Reports completed by the Greenville Police Department and is public record pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132-1.4. It represents ONLY ARRESTS of individuals and does not in any manner signify that the individuals named herein have been convicted of the offenses listed in this publication. This publication is only represented to be current as of the revision date. Material contained in this publication may have been altered, added, or deleted since the revision date. Information contained in this publication is designed as a reference guide only. It is highly recommended that you verify this information by obtaining an official criminal history from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation-Division of Criminal Information. A paper copy of these reports is available for a fee of $5.00 at the Greenville Police Department's Records Division Monday through Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM.

  • Report Availability:
    • The  Case, Arrest, and Drug Arrest reports are published by Noon Monday through Friday. The data for these reports is extracted by the Processed Date for the time period of 11:00 a.m. the previous business day until 11:00 a.m. of the report date.
    • The Call for Service reports are published by Noon every day. The data for this report is extracted by the Create Date for the time period of 11:00 a.m. the previous day through 11:00 a.m. of the report date.
    • The reports will remain on the web site for a period of 90 days with the exception of Drug Arrest reports that will remain indefinitely from January 1, 1999 forward.
    • Crash Reports are published as they approved for public release Monday through Friday.


The City of Greenville is not responsible for information obtained from a public record that is altered, misused, copied, printed or used by third parties.

To access these online reports, click on the specific areas of interest.  The reports cover the following types of activities:

Daily Calls for Service - Summary of all calls taken by dispatch.

Daily Case Reports - Summary and detailed report of each case.

Daily Arrest Reports - Summary and detailed report of each arrest.

Crash Reports (eCrash Online) – Retrieve DMV-349 Crash Reports completed by the Greenville Police Department (with protected information removed) search by: report Number (Example of required format: 2013-12345), or by date of crash, driver’s name, or street name of crash - Updated daily. (Contains Crashes from 01/01/2011 forward)