Manual of Standard Designs and Details

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Below is the City of Greenville's Manual of Standard Designs and Details (MSDD) in PDF and DWG file formats. The MSDD was revised in 2023 to remove details that were outdated or no longer applicable, revise details to match current construction practices, and to mirror the NC Department of Transportation's requirements for construction when applicable, including, but not limited to the NCDOT Roadway Standard Drawings and the NCDOT Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures. All development initiated and not otherwise vested after August 31, 2023 will be required to be in compliance with NCDOT standards and the 2023 MSDD. Please note that DWG files are for AUTOCAD users ONLY. Only download DWG files if you have AUTOCAD capabilities. If you do not have AUTOCAD, PDF files are available for use with Adobe Acrobat.

 2011 MSDD (Complete PDF)

2023 MSDD (Complete PDF)

Plat Preparation      PDF      DWG  Introduction  PDF  DWG
Construction Plan      PDF      DWG  Plat Preparation  PDF  DWG 
Record Drawings      PDF      DWG  Construction Plan Preparation  PDF  DWG
Sedimentation      PDF      DWG  Record Drawings and Appendix  PDF  DWG
Street Standard      PDF      DWG  Sedimentation and Erosion Control  PDF  DWG
Driveway      PDF      DWG  Street Standard  PDF  DWG
Parking      PDF      DWG  Driveway  PDF  DWG
Pavement      PDF      DWG  Parking  PDF  DWG
Basins      PDF      DWG  Pavement Design  PDF  DWG
Endwalls      PDF      DWG  Basins, Pipes, and Manholes  PDF  DWG
Storm Drainage      PDF      DWG  Storm Drainage  PDF  DWG
Stormwater      PDF      DWG  Stormwater Management  PDF  DWG