Capabilities, Training & Team Info

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North Carolina Task Force 10 is a North Carolina Emergency Management resource available 24/7 and is able to deploy within 2 hours to any incident in or outside the state. The team can be requested by an incident commander through  their local Emergency Management Coordinator or by directly requesting our assistance through the Pitt County Communications Center.

We specialize in rescue and mitigation of structural collapse, trench rescue, high angle rescue and confined space rescue. NCTF 10 has a cache of specialty equipment for breaching and breaking of concrete along with extensive metal cutting and search and rescue equipment. Task Force 10 is the only team in North Carolina where the entire team is at the Paramedic level of EMT certification. NCTF 10 is prepared for a 72-hour operation on departure.  The team can also be contacted for specific equipment or technical knowledge needed at an incident at any time.


Training that our members have taken: Rescue Systems I, NC Department of Insurance Operation Highsmith, NC Department of Insurance Two week Structural Collapse school at Charlotte NC Operation Onslow Inn, NC Department of Insurance Numerous Task Force leader and specialist schools All active members are NC certified EMT's at the Paramedic Level All members are IFSAC Firefighter II and HazMat Operations Trench Rescue, NC Department of Insurance NIMS ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700. A majority of NCTF10 members are Fire Service and Rescue Technician Instructors.

Team Information

Task Force leaders:
Greg Hardee - GFR
Don Gurkin – GFR
Jim McConnell - NBFD

Assistant Task Force Leader:
Chris Matthews

Logistics Team Manager:
John Stepps

Medical Team Manager:
Christian Capizzi