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Public Comment Period and Public Hearings

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The City of Greenville provides a public comment period during each regular City Council meeting, allowing the citizens to speak for up to three minutes on issues that are not the subject of a public hearing in that same week.

The public comment period will not exceed 30 minutes. For more information about participating in the public comment period, contact the City Clerk's Office at (252) 329-4422.

A public hearing, not to exceed 30 minutes for each side, also may be held, if such a matter is on the agenda. Those that wish to address the City Council during a public hearing may do so by registering with the City Clerk prior to the Council meeting. Registration can be completed by filling out a form in the Council Chambers prior to the meeting or by calling the City Clerk's Office at (252) 329-4422.  Speakers will be called in the order in which they are registered.

The public may also submit written comments for the public comment period or a public hearing to the City Clerk’s office, 200 West Fifth Street, Greenville, NC 27835, or via email to PublicInput@greenvillenc.gov. Please include your name and address.

    • Messages must be labeled either Public Comment or Public Hearing in the subject line.
    • Comments submitted for the public comment period or a public hearing will be forwarded to the City Council prior to the meeting. Comments that were not received by the City Council prior to the meeting may be read by the City Clerk into record after all registered speakers have addressed the City Council.
    • Comments read by the City Clerk are subject to the time limits set by the Public Comment and Public Hearing procedures.