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Youth Council

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Council Liaison: Mayor Pro-Tem Rose Glover 
Staff Liaison: Cassandra Daniels, Community Relations Officer
Number of Members: 20 Term In Years: 1 Date Established: August 11, 2005
Duties: To make recommendations to City Council regarding issues affecting the City of Greenville, emphasizing those issues of particular interest to youth; to provide leadership and guidance in matters relating to the youth of the City of Greenville, to individuals, to public and private organizations and agencies; and to comment on requests made to the City Council related to the areas of particular interest to young people.
Meeting Day: Fourth Monday of each month except June, July, August
Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: Third Floor Conference Room #337 of City Hall, 200 West Fifth Street
Requirements: 1. The Greenville Youth Council shall be composed of 20 members as follows:
(a) A total of fifteen (15) representatives from the Pitt County public high schools;
(b) A total of five (5) representatives from private schools, charter schools, and home schools located in Pitt County.
2. Students wishing to serve on the Greenville Youth Council shall submit an application seeking appointment. The application shall be signed by the student and the parent or guardian of the student. Additionally, for students seeking appointment as a representative of either a public high school or a private school, the application must be signed by the principal (or their designee) of the public high school which is being represented by the student or principal, or equivalent position (or their designee) of the private school which is being represented by the student. City Council makes the appointment.
Current Membership:

Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term
Olivia Chiancone  D.H. Conley High School  September 30, 2021 First term 
Mabre Dawson  South Central High School  September 30, 2021 First term 
Jamia Galloway  Farmville Central High School  September 30, 2021  First term 
Lexi Karaivanova  J.H. Rose High School   September 30, 2021 Filling unexpired term
Asia Gorham   September 30, 2021 First term
DyQuan Bunns Farmville Central High School September 30, 2021 Filling unexpired term 
Diego Lorenzo J.H. Rose High School September 30, 2021 First term 
Heather Lee   September 30, 2021 Filling unexpired term 
Olivia Thorn  The Oakwood School  September 30, 2021  Filling unexpired term
 Sadie Smith  The Oakwood School  September 30 2021  First term
 Vacant (5)    September 30, 2021