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Swim Lessons At Greenville Aquatics and Fitness Center

We are working to develop quality programs that fit the needs of our evolving community and adapt to the growing sport of swimming. Please call (252) 329-4043 with any questions or suggestions. We will conduct placement tests upon request.

Please visit the registration page to see the class schedule.

Online registration opens a month prior to the start of class and  closes a week before the class. However paper registration is still taken based on availability of class.

Due to number of participants and/or instructor availability class time can change or be cancelled.

Swim lessons fees for all classes are: (except Sharks)

Fee: $75; Discounted Greenville Resident: $50; GAFC Member: $40

Goggles ( that do not cover the nose) are allowed during lessons.

Hair should be tied back during the swim lesson or wear a swim cap.

Guppy I

Ages: 6 Months–2 Years

This class introduces children and parents to the aquatic environment. The goal of this class is to help parents to be able to keep small children safe in and around water. Babies in diapers must wear rubber pants over their diapers or “Little Swimmer” specialty diapers. Parents/guardians are in the water with child for all class sessions.

Pre-requisites: None

Need to know: Adult in water during classes

Guppy II

Ages 2 to 3

Still focused on safety, this class also helps students learn to become more independent in the water. Classes will start with parents in the water until swimmers and parents are comfortable with parent’s transitioning out of the water.

Pre-requisites: Guppy I or Age 2

Need to know: Adult in water during classes

Guppy III

Ages 3-4

In this class we emphasize safety through daily safety topics, flotation and kicking. Classes will also begin to learn basic swim mechanics to be able to move independently in the water. Small classes are emphasized so participants have ample practice time and instructor attention.  Students that have successfully passed Guppy III may move up to Jellyfish with instructor permission.

Pre-requisites: Guppy II or age 3

Need to know:   Class is without an Adult.

Jellyfish I- Non-swimmer

Ages: 5–9

 Swimmers are taught basic water safety skills such as floating, entering and exiting the pool. Swimmers will begin to learn swimming mechanics of breathing, kicking and arm pulls. The goal at this level is to be able to jump in the pool, recover, swim to the edge and exit independently.

Pre-requisites: Age 5 or Guppy III

 Jellyfish II - Beginner

Ages: 5-9

Swimmers are taught freestyle, backstroke, jumping, underwater skills, directional changes, treading water and daily safety topics. The goal at this level is to be able to swim 25 yards proficiently. Students should be able to jump in the pool, recover, swim half way and exit independently at the beginning of class.

Pre-requisites: Jellyfish I or swim half way with no assistance

 Young Adult

Ages: 10-15

Specifically for 10-15 year old beginner and intermediate swimmers. Students will learn at their own pace in an environment that is fun and safe. Includes swim strokes, swimming for fitness and water activities.

Pre-requisites: Age 10 - 15

Need to know:  Class is at a faster pace than Jellyfish


Ages: 5-15

Participants are taught endurance, stroke development and safety. This level is intended for those wishing to pursue competitive swimming or swimming for fitness. Swimmers should be able to swim 50 yards proficient freestyle and backstroke  before the first day of class.  Exit skills include 100 yards proficient freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards proficient breaststroke and 15 yards butterfly.

Pre-requisites: Jellyfish II , Young Adult or swim 50 yards unassisted of Freestyle and Backstroke.

Need to know:  Swimmers should have goggles and swim caps or a way to keep long hair off their face.


Sharks- Advanced

Ages: 16 & up

Designed for advanced swimmers, Sharks focuses on technique and endurance to prepare for competitive swimming or swimming for fitness. Practice is three times a week. We recommend your swimmer attend at least two practices a week.

Pre-requisites: Dolphins or swim 100 yards freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke and 15 yards butterfly.

Practice Schedule:  Mondays & Wednesdays   6:30-7:30 PM & Saturdays9:30 AM - 10:30AM

Fee $105: Discounter Greenville Resident $70: GAFC Member $50     



Ages: 16 & up


Instructors teach basic skills in a logical progression allowing for maximum practice time. Safety, body control and ability in the water are emphasized to help swimmers meet goals. No entry requirement.


Private Swim Lessons- We are currently taking request

There are many reasons why Private Swim Lessons may be best for you or your child: hectic schedule, skill plateau, upcoming events, or just the preference for one-on-one instruction. Whatever the reason, our Swim Instructors can set up an efficient and comfortable plan for you. Most lessons are 30 minutes in length but can be extended depending on swimmer skill, endurance, and age.

All ages

By appointment only during September to May

Currently only offer at the Greenville Aquatic & Fitness Center. 

Call 252.329.4043 for more information.

Member: $20 per half hour

Resident: $25 per half hour

Non Resident: $38 per half hour 

Online Registration

Online Registration