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Horizons 2026:  Greenville's Community Plan

Horizons 2026: Greenville's Community Plan  is Greenville's long-range comprehensive plan, which includes land use, transportation, recreation and parks, historic preservation and environmental protection goals and policies. 

In addition to the online digital version, you can download the plan by selecting the heading above. You may order printed copies of Horizons 2026 for $70 by contacting the Planning Division at (252) 329-4498. Printed copies are also available for viewing in the City Clerk's Office, the Planning Division office, and the Sheppard Memorial Library Main Branch's reference area. Enlargement of the Future Land Use and Character Map. 

Interactive Story Maps

Story maps use geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. They tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. They combine interactive maps with other rich content - text, photos, video, and audio - within user experiences that are basic and intuitive. Click links below to open Greenville's interactive story maps.

Local Landmarks & National Register Properties

Neighborhoods and Community Assets

Informational Documents

Checklist for Startup, Construction, or Expansion

Land Development Manual

Illustrative List of District Uses

2020 Board of Adjustment Meeting Dates & Application Deadlines

2020 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines

2020 Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

2020 Planning and Zoning Preliminary Plats Submission Deadlines


Historic Properties Map

Horizons 2026 Future Land Use and Character Map

Map of the College View Historic District

Other Applications

Appeal of Administrative Decision

Family Care Home Application

Voluntary Annexation Petition

Special Use Permit Application

Home Occupation Assessment Form

Variance Application

Street Name Change Application

Uptown Outdoor Dining Application

Zoning Compliance Application

Zoning Compliance Permit Application - Temporary Use

Application for Text Amendments with Deadlines

Sign Permit Requirements

Planning Fees

Application for Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

Site Plan Application

Plans and Studies

2004 Flood Land Reuse Plan

Center City - West Greenville Revitalization Plan

Development Code Review and Policy Gap Analysis to Improve the Community's Health, Design, and Appearance, Adopted Nov. 8, 2012

Existing and Future Potential Residential Development in Southwest Greenville (portion of Vision Area E)

Horizons 2026 Greenville's Community Plan, Aug 23 2016

Neuse River Basin Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, FEMA Approval June 22, 2015

Horizons 2026 Community Profile, Nov. 2015

Subdivision Procedures

Preliminary Plat Approval Procedure

Final Plat Approval Procedure

2020 Preliminary Plat Submission Dates

Temporary Activity Applications

Christmas Tree Sales Permit Application

Circus, Carnival, and Fair Permit

Grand Opening Sign Permit

Roof Mounted Inflatable (Balloons)

Temporary Non-Profit Signs

Zoning Applications and Information

Citizens Rezoning Handbook

Rezoning Application

Zoning Compliance Permit Application

Building Inspections Documents