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Program Sponsorship Opportunities

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Greenville Recreation and Parks provides a variety of quality services for people of all ages. To continue to provide services at little to no cost to the public, the department partners with community organizations, seeks grants and accepts cash or in-kind sponsorship from the community.

Sponsors are important to us and we attempt to acknowledge them in a number of ways. Traditionally, our sponsorship opportunities include parks donations, youth athletic teams and special events. However, the opportunities are limitless and can include any type of gift such as donating funds for program supplies, sponsoring a room in a recreation center, sponsoring a skate / BMX area, a volleyball court, a 3-D printer for a recreation center, etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • Youth Athletics:

  • Youth Athletics sponsorship content is currently being updated.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact the Athletics Office at (252) 329-4550.

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    • Basketball
    • Flag Football
    • Sand Volleyball

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  • Parks Gift Catalog:

  • The Recreation & Parks Department’s Gift Catalog is being updated.  If you are interested in making a gift donation through Recreation and Parks, please contact our Administrative Office at (252) 329-4567.