Wildwood Park Development

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 Wildwood Park Development

  Wildwood Park


On October 11, 2021 the City Council voted to adopt the Wildwood Park Development Plan.




Wildwood Park Phase 1 is open!

 The following improvements have been completed or are in the process of being completed:

  • Welcome Center: Construction on the Welcome Center has been completed. The Welcome Center provides park patrons with permanent restroom facilities and serves as a nice place to relax in the shade while watching kids play on the playground or just for looking at the lake. 
  • Playground: Construction on the playground has been completed. There are play features for ages 2-12 and there are also musical play pieces that will entertain kids of all ages. 


  • Wildwood Park Bicycle Skills Course and Pump Track: Construction of this new and exciting amenity was completed in June and opened to the public. The skills course can accommodate bmx and mountain bikes and features three different skill level lines to ride. The paved pump track will accommodate all kids of human powered things with wheels like bikes, scooters, and skateboards. This facility also features a strider bike course for the little kids.

Pump Track

  • Chris Smith Mountain Bike Trails: The six miles of single track mountain bike trails that make up the Chris Smith Mountain Bike Trails has been completed. Trail Map

Chris Smith Mountain Bike Trails

  • Pedestrian Bridge, Boardwalks, and Trail Connection Project: The trail connection that goes under the US 264 Alt bridge is complete and open to the public. This adds 185 acres of parkland on the west side of Wildwood Park open to visitors. The west side of Wildwood Park contains several miles of natural surface trails that surround an 80 acre lake. The pedestrian bridge and boardwalks on the east side of the park complete a 1.7 mile trail loop around the east side lake and provide easy access down to the popular sandy beach located on the Tar River.

WWP Connector

  • Wildwood Park PARTF Project: The City of Greenville received a $361K Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant in 2022 to fund several new park amenities. This project will add parking, restrooms, and challenge course style play equipment directly adjacent to the Bicycle Skills Course and Pump Track located in the norther portion of Wildwood Park on the east side. Design will take place during 2023 and construction is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2024. 

East side property pictured below.

WWP East

West side property pictured below.

Adventure Park Aerial 2



Public notices regarding Wildwood Park can be found using the link below.

 Public Notices